Wave That Shook The World – tsunami documentary

Wave That Shook The World - tsunami documentary
    Documentary about the 2004 tsunami. Heartbreaking footage.

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    1. THANK YOU: Now this = Washington's plus 1,500 member elite pedophile-pedovore clique. They traffic kids, rape some, kill some, drink some blood, eat some and protect each other.  Trump & Pence are not draining swamp!!

    2. Japan aka the world's most tsunami prepared country thus proving that NO amount of data means you can predict mother nature. In fact it gives you a false sense of security as often tsunami warnings of 5+ft end with waves which were 1-2ft thus ppl aren't worried or worse want to watch. Furthermore bc the first beaches hit only had waves about 8-10ft tall thus their protected bays should be safe as the tidal breaks were for waves up to 30ft tall, thus were low lying areas thus when the wave crashed into them it went in for MILES, also traveling 30 plus miles inland up their rivers which also had high 30ft dykes to keep the river from over flowing when the tidal wave pushes up the river. It seemed to work but the size of the wave, meant that it just kept flowing in and in and in until it breached and all hell broke loose. Many ppl were nearby even on street lvl watching it go by, as again they thought they were safe as they were told the wave would be 10-12ft, thus they should be more then safe.

    3. What absolute BS.. As scientists as we wrongly believe that more data, the more safety systems in place the safer we are. This leads us to have a false sense of security as we think we got it all figured out and have tamed mother nature. Of course mother nature LOVES proving how insignificant and powerless we actually are. Like what happened with Japan's recent Tsunami as they are the best prepared place in the world yet over 45,000 ppl STILL died even after they implemented everything scientists learned from this Tsunami. But all of this was in vain bc there was NO escape, and they had used the data from the first place the wave hit to estimate the wave size in other places as the waves were MUCH higher then expected thus they didn't evacuate far enough, and worse still ppl went close to WATCH. This is bc they'd been hit with similar sz earth quakes in similar locations thus they believed they knew what'd happen, furthermore they'd been warning ppl for yrs of incoming tidal waves which ended up being duds thus ppl ignored the warning, and worse still were curious and wanted a front row so they could film it.

    4. The canary islands isn't active as much and a humongous landslide tsunami heading towards the east coast of the US is purely hypothetical.

    5. Clueless people. One wave comes in and causes damage in Kamalah, and they are STILL standing near the shore! Idiots. Sri Lanka another third world poor country. Trains packed like sardine cans like the do in India. ALL oceanic coastal areas should know and understand tsunami.

    6. There have been later tsunami in the Indian Ocean. The warning system is not working correctly. Guess money isn't good enough for them to keep up maintenance on the sensors. What is wrong with these people Don't they care?

    7. February 2019. Still sad and tragic. It is hard to wrap my mind around the extent of this. I can't phantom the size of those waves. All these years later.

    8. I wonder if underwater partial barriers could extract some of the energy before it reaches land. The physics says there is a limited amount of energy and it can be deflected or absorbed. Like clipping off the top of the wave, only we clip off the bottom. good scotch

    9. If the Earth wobbled, could that have had an impact on climate by shifting how the sun impinges the surface? Kind of like the effect of the eccentric axis on seasonal changes?

    10. What incredible unscientific BS. Any tsunami preceded by water receding from the beaches is caused by planetary shifting. Usually of the axis. The earth shifted north, causing the water on the shoreline to be pushed backward toward the south in the opposite direction of the axis shift. When the motion stopped, the ocean surged forward toward the north. This is simple inertia. The faster the shift and the more abruptly it stopped dictates the strength of the tsunami. Earthquakes don't cause water to recede from beaches. They can only push water a few hundred miles and not of high strength. The quake was also caused by the planetary shift. It was a result not the cause. All while the so-called experts scratch their heads while people die and create some absurd explanation for personal recognition.
      Their so-called experts were two seismology technicians and a volcanologist.

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    13. What was he thinking when he saw this wave…the same thing as everyone else…fuuuuu….it's a shame that on such a fascinating and sad subject that the interviewer has to talk to these people like they are 12 yr olds…it's reminds me of Basil giving Manuel a bolloking for not understanding :/