Tsunami Eden Resort 2004 A

Tsunami Eden Resort 2004 A
    Tsunami beruwela eden resort & spa area

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    1. Luckily they were in a building made of concrete and steel. Good job of filming. Unless you have been in one of these situations you have no clue. Rule- get to high ground.

    2. i dont understand why those people dont even go to the higher place…they just wait for the much bigger waves…it is easy to notice the upcoming big waves moving towards them….its DEATH

    3. Here it comes? How about warning people?!? You sound like sociopaths. Garbage. Why the hell was this recommended to me!

    4. THIS IS WHAT SHOCK LOOKS AND SOUNDS LIKE PEOPLE! ! Stop with all the hateful comments! Thank whoever u believe in, that u weren't there and everyone u loved wasn't KILLED in 10 minutes. SHAME ON U.

    5. “Oh no he’s just fine, see his head is above water. He’s coming up on some trees to grab, he’s alright. “ Wow, what a fucking moron!!

    6. Tsunamis are always depicted in documentary animations and movies as a single massive single 150 to 200 ft wave. Having watched hours of 2004 and the 2011 Japanese Tsunami footage, I'd say its more like a succession of surges. Just pushing inland with tons of pressure behind it till it finally recedes.

    7. Uhm I see those workers carrying chairs because waters is slowly going up. Wtf are they doing? If I see the water is going up like that I would run back at the hotel on the top floor. I have to time to be calm in this situation.

    8. The first lot of water comes in and everyone comes out for a look. People started screaming when the next wave came but they are all still on that bridge and standing around curious… like MOVE IT!?

    9. I’m not hating on the camera guy, but if it was me & i saw this, I would just be yelling out ‘RUN’, over & over again to everyone down below. Coz common sense would be telling me, water from the ocean coming in like that does not look good at all

    10. Yeah I don't think many people have experienced what a tsunami is, it came in very slow even on the ground so even if you scream for individual to run they may not take it seriously until its too late! We always think tidal waves are huge in appearance right from the initial impact, this wasn't! Thanks for the footage, makes you aware what to look out for and what action you should immediately take! I'd definitely run to higher ground if anything was unusual!

    11. I was Born 13 november and i cant remember anything i was Born in Phuket and my dad Said that friend havent make iT because he saved us and other friend from my dad saved a dog and she died and other friend to that he saved us😢

    12. Этот долбаеб,(не знаю как его назвать) снимает на камеру вроде бы как пошел снег в южных странах. Почему так спокойно ты реагируеш на происходящее? Ты пособник армагедона

    13. To be honest, the guy narrating is so pathetic, how could you watch that and comment the way he does, must've spent to much time with mummy and daddy in the restaurant. We've always been taught the signs of a tsunami, and even if I hadn't known I would never react like this idiot