Short Circuited Brewers Big Brew Day 2017

Short Circuited Brewers Big Brew Day 2017
    In this Big Brew Day we brew the 130 AMP IPA. Great time was had by all. Brew day was a success with only a few blunders. Mike's system was amazing as always. Check out our website for the recipe and more details on the brew day. Special thanks to BSG and Chop and Brew for hosting the contest that allowed us to use some of the freshest hops available, and for the swag.

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    1. I was wondering if you had some pictures of the inside of Mike's panel. I know you guys are planning on doing a video on it, but I'm in the process of trying to put together a 180 Amp panel for a 2 BBL setup. The plan would be to have the option to run 2-5500 watt elements in HLT and 2-5500 watt elements in BK simultaneously  with a 3rd element in each that could be switched on and off to save time. Just wanted to get a look at a similar setup just to see Din rail layout, etc. Hope all is well. Thanks, Adam Marcus

    2. I use 2 X 5500 watt in both HLT and BK and with the EZBoil DSPR300 cuts back to 1 element on reaching temp….Is that 40 kettles? Thanks

    3. Ok now after watching this BIG Brew day i want to build this system instead of the one that you put the parts list together in Part 6 of Electric Brewing. Man not sure how i will break this to my lovely wife…but she will have to deal with it once its set in motion. Great video once again cant wait for the next series. Cheers

    4. Great too see you guys together again with mike's system, Wow your running some power there my cabin brewery is running 60 amp and thats 400ltr boil kettle 500ltr mash tun 400 hlt with one 3kw element lol in the hlt 10-12 hours to hit strike i did a test boil and it only need one 3kw element to maintain a boil that 50mm kingspan insulation helps alot!


    5. I'm looking forward to the tasting/reviewing video. This ingredients list sounds so interesting for an IPA, with many big name hops! Yum.

    6. Recipe is available now on Beersmith. Search 130 AMP IPA. If you have Beersmith you can download it and scale to your brewery. There was a last second change at the end of the boil, substituted mosaic for El Dorado. Cheers!

    7. G'day guys, Great video. love how you have the family running around.
      How do you guys go about getting rid of all the spent grains?
      Do you wait for midnight the night before rubbish collection and sneak around to dump it in your neighbours bins up and down the street?

    8. Loved it guys, well done! Do you have an equipment list anywhere of the system; I want to build something jus like it. Also if you have any pitfalls to avoid, maybe a video on that would be great. Cheers!