Pregnant Woman Is Painting Graffiti All Over This Australian Town, Trying To Reach The Father

The 21st century could easily be dubbed as the age of technology, don’t you agree? We are all attached to our phones 24/7, spending most of our free time scrolling through social media instead of going outside and living some of that sweet life we see Instagramers filling our feed with. Therefore, it’s automatically assumed we are all reachable at all times and one can get really frustrated after losing contact with someone. But sometimes, giving up communication just isn’t possible and one has to find another solution. As it turns out, there are no boundaries for human imagination and there are definitely some extra miles to be gone while seeking attention. Today’s story features quite an interesting way of reaching out to someone. Scroll down to find out more!

These little notes started to appear all over a Melbourne suburb a while ago

Image credits: Frankston Community Noticeboard

A short message spray-painted with purple dye saying “Chris, you need to talk to me before the baby is born or don’t bother after!” was found all over the Melbourn suburb called Frankston. As more and more of them popped up, people started sharing photos of them on various social media as well as “Snap Send Solve” – an app for resolving maintenance issues.

The messages caught the attention of people in Frankston and they started sharing photos of them on social media

Image credits: Frankston Community Noticeboard

It turned out these were actually made by a 36-year-old woman

Image credits: Frankston Community Noticeboard

It is said she already had her baby at 30 weeks but whether her baby’s daddy has called still remains a mystery. The people who shared the graffiti photos are not sure of how the story developed and only posted the pictures because of being frustrated with such careless vandalism.

Who has been charged in relation to this graffiti series

Image credits: Frankston Community Noticeboard

That are now removed after being reported via a graffiti-spotting app by lawful citizens

Image credits: Frankston Community Noticeboard

Even though it sparked lots of interest amongst people, the messages were soon removed and the news spread of a heavily pregnant 36-year-old woman arrested and charged with criminal damage, wilful damage, graffiti and committing an indictable offense while on bail.

The Internet had various responses to the situation

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