Mt. Etna: Pyroclastic Flow &

Mt. Etna: Pyroclastic Flow &
    This movie shows a physics-based computer simulation of a lateral blast, pyroclastic flow and tsunami generated from an eruption of Mt. Etna.  Waves greater than 20m strike the east coast of Sicily and southern Calabria.  A similar event occurred about 8,000 years ago.
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    1. tsunami wasn't due directly etna's eruption but the different eruptions caused a large sediments basin, up and down Sea level. Sediments were not stable and flow down making a gigant tsunami. Similar phenomena was in Stromboli in 2003. However good video and perfect simulation

    2. Just today, scientists announced thier findings that etna is actually sliding approx 14mm every year towards the sea, So another catastrophic failure is sure to happen causing a giant landslide.. maybe The largest known tsunami in the mediterranean affecting israel & egypt, was caused by a similar landslide at etna leaving the dip in the side of the mountain that is visible today.

    3. i don't think this would ever happen, first, Etna is not that tall and pointy, it's a large, flat volcano (still 3323m tall), second, there have been many pyroclastic flows, the most recent being in 2012 if i'm not wrong and it barely arrived at half of the lenght of the Valle del Bove, for this theoretical scenario to happen, basically the whole summit would have to collapse and that is quite far fetched, since Etna is not an explosive volcano, it has frequent and relatively calm eruptions. The collapse that happened thousands of years ago will not likely be repeated since first, Etna was a much taller mount and now is very flat, so it currently doesn't have the right enivronment to generate such catastrophic events

    4. For correctness, the event that created the Valle del Bove some 8000-9000 years ago was a sector collapse (similar to the giant landslide at Mount St Helens that preceded the 18 May 1980 eruption by a few instants, but about 10 times as voluminous). There is no evidence that it was accompanied by any explosive activity, and the material that slid into the Ionian sea was not a pyroclastic flow but a volcanic debris avalanche. Some scientists even believe that it happened not in one single event but at least two or more, smaller, landslides.

    5. You could simulate the Pyroclastic Flow, Lava and erupt of Monte Albano volcano (Colli Albani Volcano complex strato-volcano + caldera) near the city of Rome- Italy? it would be interesting The  eruption of I phase (290 Km3, Vei 6-7),  II phase with central strato-volcano Faete (6 Km3, Vei 4-5) and last phase from Albano maar crater (1 Km3, vei 3-4) + lahar.