Measuring ASMR

Measuring ASMR
    this is a quick requested video before our next role play is ready... enjoy 
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    2. It took two years but I finally figured it out. The measurements of all these dominos actually correlate to a secret code leading to the actual top-secret information on tingle projects.
      … Probably. This stuff is far too technical for me.

    3. I have experienced ASMR since I was a kid watching Bob Ross on TV. However, I also know that I have sleep issues that have caused unrestful sleep for half or more of my life and I'm 36 now. They're still working on identifying what is wrong, but my ASMR is almost "painful" when it comes to hearing mumbled whispers and such. It actually irritates me for some reason.

    4. Immediately after this video my thing auto played to “EARRAPE COMPILATION PT. 5”. Not my best night but a good start.