Last Man Standing TIPS & TACTICS | The Last Of Us Multiplayer

Last Man Standing TIPS &
    YOU will be getting EPIC COMEBACKS after watching this In-depth Last One Standing TIPS & TRICKS video (beginner & expert level), on The Last Of Us Factions! 
    TIMESTAMPS to specific tips are BELOW: 
    0:00 ► Intro
    ✔ EPIC Bow & Arrow comeback footage (w/reactions)
    0:47 ► Engaging The Enemy
    ✔ Isolate the lone wolf (don't engage with multiple enemies)
    ✔ Wait for an enemy to wonder off, or be...LEFT BEHIND (lol)
    2:00 ► Map Movement
    ✔ How you should move when enemies have NOT spotted you
    ✔ I explain how supply boxes/caches are hotspots
    ✔ How/where enemies search for you
    ✔ The paths you should travel along
    ✔ The 'double back' method
    ✔ How you should move when enemies HAVE spotted you
    4:44 ► Combat Strategies
    ✔ The 'Run-Gun-Done' Technique
    ✔ 'Bomb 'N Bait' Technique (also how to avoid falling for it)
    ✔ 'Recover 'N Rush From Cover' Technique
    ✔ I highlight that after you finish sprinting, shooting, or planting/throwing a bomb, you STILL appear on the radar until 2 seconds has passed
    ✔ To finish up 'how you should move when enemies HAVE spotted you', I mention the importance of being aggressive while sprinting away
    ✔ Your goal is still ALWAYS to reset and isolate the lone wolves
    8:55 ► Enemy Behaviour
    ✔ How enemies ALWAYS search the position where their teammate was just killed at
    ✔ How enemies react when someone fires at them from the rear
    10:51 ► Executing Players
    ✔ Respawning occurs in waves (0, 20 & 40 second mark of each minute)
    ✔ Delaying enemy respawns so you don't have to deal with as many enemies, for a short period of time
    ✔ Downed enemies crawl towards teammates
    ✔ Sometimes you should leave downed enemies alive, to buy yourself time
    ✔ Instantly execute enemies that crawl towards you
    ✔ Avoid special executing players
    13:11 ► General/Quick Tips 
    ✔ Just executed 3 enemies? RUSH that last enemy before he can regroup with his teammates
    ✔ Respawn markers are assigned to specific players
    ✔ You appear on the radar (NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE) whenever you are marked, whenever you plant/throw nailbombs, throw smoke, throw molotovs, and shoot an unsilenced weapon
    ✔ Marks last for 5 seconds
    ✔ The ammo you get from downed enemies is related to what weapon you have equipped when you execute them
    ✔ Save parts for armour
    ✔ Blips appear on your radar every 5 seconds, exposing enemy position 
    ✔ You can sprint and not appear on the radar to enemies, if you are a certain distance away from them--so don't be afraid to sprint if they are far away
    ✔ I discuss the range of listen mode
    ✔ When last alive, supply boxes give you extra ingredients
    ✔ The machete can cancel modded 2x4 swings
    ✔ Hover over the armor icon before leaving the in-game store (backpack)
    17:50 ► Discussing silenced weapons & Covert Training 2/3
    ✔ Use them as a way for buying yourself time to bail  & reset 
    19:21 ► Loadouts/Class setup
    ✔ Revolver, Frontier Rifle, Covert Training 3, Brawler 2, Launcher
    ✔ Revolver, Semi-Auto Rifle, Sharpshooter 3, Covert Training 2, First Aid Training 1
    ✔ 9mm Pistol, Silenced Semi-Auto Rifle, Sharpshooter 3, Covert Training 2
    ✔ Revolver, Hunting Rifle, Bomb Expert 3, Explosion Expert 1, Marathon Runner 1
    ✔ Revolver, Silenced Tactical Shotgun, Covert Training 3, Lone Wolf 2
    •Shiv Tips and Tactics•
    LINK ►
    •Bow Tips & Tactics•
    LINK ►
    •1vs11 EPIC Comeback•
    LINK ►
    This is my most edited tips & strategies video on The Last Of Us Multiplayer that I've EVER done! 
    These aren't just arbitrary/irrelevant tips--these are techniques/methods/moves that have been PROVEN to work based on about 2 years of experience :D 
    I made sure that every single tip I include in this video is worthwhile, otherwise I cut it out for you guys :) 
    Also, EVERY SINGLE TIP has video footage relating to the tip, to make the video much more easier to follow.
    Make sure to leave a comment with your favourite tip for Last One Standing situations, #EhTeam.
    Lets all help each other out! 
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    1. Tip: if you have the opportunity to shiv someone in a last man standing situation, only do it if the enemy is far away otherwise the enemy will hear the shiv and are going to shoot you.

    2. Anyone have any tips like these in the beginning and middle of the match? Im not looking how to do comebacks yet? Looking for tatics during the start of a game

    3. EEEEEEHHHHHHH! Nick! will you please do a video on getting in shape for last of us 2! You havent uploaded a video on it recently so you probably have not played it much and you MUST have some thoughts and reflections on playing it keeping you up at nignt so give us a strategic video about strategy that YOU think will carry over to the next iteration of this kind of gameplay from naughty dog. Playing 80s training montage music woild also be appreciated.

    4. Crazy to see how far you've come nick. It's hard to explain the amount of respect I have for you. You pursued a dream that many people may have thought that you wouldn't achieve. And just like tay swift said "haters gonna hate" but you shook it off. You deserve every single one of your 1.5 million subs, you earned it through hard work and dedication. Keep grinding man! Can't freaking wait for tlou part 2, it's going to be insane! Maybe you could do a reaction for e3? #ehteam

    5. what if you are last mana dn haven't got a silent weapon? i use hunting rifle and revolver neither silenced due tot he skills i like so as last man i guess i'd use revolver a lot

    6. great vid nick, thank you. like you i always play quite patient when last man standing, picking only smart battles and definitely going for the isolated players. i will add one variable of my own. unless you're playing with friends, i find usually my teammates watching will add peer pressure to engage because they get tired of waiting for the match to end

    7. hey man I just played the opposite side of u today on the last of us deadnut0420 , I said is that u and u said hi man and it was awesome

    8. Tip:If your the almost last man standing, in sudden death,and all your friends are gonna die and you are next to the supply box,DONT open it yet.Wait till its last man,and you get your parts then open it!