How to Read Tarot Cards

How to Read Tarot Cards
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    Learning how to read these ancient cards may help you divine the future – or at least amuse party guests.
    Step 1: Get a deck
    Get a deck of tarot cards. There are many different kinds, but the popular Rider-Waite tarot deck is the one recommended for beginners. 
    Step 2: Learn each card's meaning
    Read the booklet that comes with a new deck to learn the standard meaning of each card. Tarot cards are divided into major arcana or "greater secrets" and minor arcana, meaning lesser secrets. Major arcana represent forces outside our control, while minor arcana represent that which we have the power to change. 
    Major arcana cards are usually marked with Roman numerals; minor arcana cards are divided into four suits: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. 
    Step 3: Shuffle the cards well
    Shuffle the cards well; then cut the deck as the person whose fortune you are about to read asks the first question. 
    Step 4: Lay down four cards
    Lay down four cards in a diamond pattern. The top card represents romance; moving clockwise, the next card relates to finances, followed by the card for health and happiness and finally the career card. Different spreads involving more cards can be used as you become more experienced. 
    Step 5: Turn over the first card
    Turn over the cards and note the direction of the picture. If it's facing the reader, it's a positive card, representing good things. If the design is upside down or reversed, it's a negative card, representing conflict. 
    Step 6: Get the whole picture
    Interpret the cards. Don't just analyze what the cards mean individually, but what message they convey when viewed as a whole. 
    Major arcana cards carry more weight than minor arcana, which are meant to clarify the bigger picture. 
    Step 7: Practice
    Keep a record of your readings. It helps you refine your craft by keeping tabs on when you were right and when you might have misinterpreted the cards. 
    Did You Know?
    Tarot cards originated in 15th-century Italy, where they were used as playing cards.

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    2. When you draw wheel of fortune for romance, the hermit for finances, justice for health and happiness, and the chariot for career and none of them are reversed, what does that mean?

    3. Do never do tarot. You will lose your conciseness. I know many people reading cards and all of them are loners, no money, gays… low-income people. If not greedy, liars. I mean… they can not do well in their own lives.

    4. Years ago i saw some of these cards and i grapped one…it had a skeleton on it and that one meant that i was gonna get hurt or that someone that was close to me was going to get hurt…few weeks later my grandpa died and i told my mom that i had taken a card en what was on it..she told me to never touch them again and i didn't.
      TRUE STORY don't mess with the future

    5. I say never read the book just tune in to them and get what you feel go for it, my readings always positive not negative, negative it coming from that person that reading to you Guilds Angels work in positive always love and light.

    6. How to read tarot cards:

      The star: you are a strong person
      The world: stop and think about your time
      Magician: you are good with fire
      Chariot: you are funny and a good friend.
      Hierophant: you are smart and analytical

      Easy, I know the meaning of all of them.

      Yare Yare

    7. I keep having a dream of me waking up in a forest then finding a sword and after finding it I look at the sky and see a tarot card of a hooded woman and the hood is black. Then I throw the sword away from me, and fall asleep. Can anyone explain??

    8. I was always taught that the person receiving reading is the one who has to shuffle and pick out the cards, or its pointless, as its their energy melding with a cards energy and making them pick said card