Facebook Privacy Problem

Facebook Privacy Problem
    Facebook has had another privacy mishap, and this time it concerns video privacy. For about a week, Facebook users that had videos set to private mode (allowing only specific users to see them) were unexpectedly sharing the title, description, people tagged, and a thumbnail of the video with all their friends. If one of their friends attempted to view a video they didn't have access to, an error message appeared.
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    1. In my opinion, the words "privacy" and "social network" just don't mix. If you're concerned about privacy, then social networking isn't for you

    2. I completely agree Chris. A good rule of thumb for the internet; If you don't want your parents knowing you did it, don't do it. Basically if you think it could be incriminating or should be left private, you shouldn't publish it at all. You are your own security.

    3. This has been my position from the beginning. the internet is not private. you have some ability to control information but it's limited and it's unreliable. If you don't want it seen, don't upload it. if you don't want it associated with you, upload anonymously. Simple.

    4. Yeah but, what about when someone tags a photo of you that you don't want people to see?. Don't think there is a way to delete or stop people seeing that picture

    5. You are missing the point here, Chris.
      You are essentially telling people "Don't share things on a website that was designed to share things." Remember what the purpose of fb was. Fb is the most popular, fastest, easiest way of sharing information, videos, photos, etc. to groups of friends. The real problem is fb's security to begin with and it's policies that allow it to introduce new invading features defaulted to enabled and not notifying the users.
      Please redo :

    6. I saw someone posting on facebook to play a game. Post where you were born. I posted that hey the next game we can play is post your SSN, mothers maiden name and where you bank. People are too trusting some times.

    7. lol i have all these phone numbers from ppl on facebook and there like ohhhh facebook is giving everyone my number nd im like "no no no you are giving everyone your number'

    8. I agree with you Chris. While I think internet security has the potential to be a major concern, people shouldn't upload stuff to the net unless they are willing to risk it being compromised. It isn't a new threat. Long before there was an internet, people would share privileged information with a few friends and ask them to keep a secret, but eventually the secret would spread to more than just those few friends even if you didn't know it spread. The same is true with the internet.

    9. Hey Chris, what about the ones that every 2-3 minutes share what's on their mind and always tell people what they're doing, what they ate for breakfast, the places they're hanging out, etc…? Places is too much information already, lol.