Eddie LeVert “Last Man Standing” From Album “I Still Have It”

    Eddie Levert New Single From Album "I Still Have It"

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    1. Great track and he's still got those chops and tonality! To all those with the negative comments….Its crazy how people think celebs are in-human. Whether its Biblical text or a quote, truth is trouble strikes everyone. Riches nor poverty is a shield against trials and tribulation. Its called life.

    2. Great song…incredible singer!
      Just rediscovered you man. Grew up on Love Train, Back Stabbers, and For the Love of Money. Being a singer myself, I draw inspiration in your passionate vocals. You are one of a kind brother!

    3. This guy can't sing anymore.  His sons surpassed him and he sings last man standing now.  LOL   great father, lol.  Some say he sacrificed them for more fame and fortune.  ?????

    4. mr.eddie levert ,yes you still have it,70,years old ,and you have blesssed everyone with your music,i respect you eddie levert to the up most,keep bring that good music,i love u ,and ur music,and now a solo,album,thats great,with that voice,give me many more years ,love all ur,music,ur the greatest in the music biz,u got my support,and many others,i miss,gerald,and,sean,there looking down from heaven,saying look at my dad he still got it, with big smiles on there faces,much love for,u,eddie.

    5. Mr.Eddie Levert please no that we love and respect u and ur music more than u will ever no and u will always get the love and respect u deserve from ur fans u keep them comin we will keep supporting you!!!! Luv U!! B Blessed!!

    6. Your the best Eddie We love you always much respect !!!! A cherished Legend in this music industry !!! Love your new album and this single !!! God Bless !!!! Debaneise Byrd

    7. Yes, that's my Pops! I just love his solo CD…Today is Eddie's 70th birthday, and it is a blessing that he is still with us and giving us GOOD music for over 50 years. The new CD, "I Still Have It" is a must have! Thank you, and luv u Eddie Levert!

    8. Cleveland Peeps! I understand the feeling behind last man standing! This is a great song! Thanks for your 'just being here' for us! Stay Strong! #ClevelandHomie

    9. Awesome from one and only legendary Mr Eddie Levert i can't wait for this masterpiece of an album to be released.I salute a legend with rare voice.