Durban, South Africa Mini Tsunami! – News 24 Hours

Durban, South Africa Mini Tsunami! - News 24 Hours
    Durban, South Africa Mini Tsunami! - News 24 Hours
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    North Beach in Durban has been closed to bathers as massive wave swells have resulted in the area being deemed unsafe for swimming.
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    2. I can't be the only one who's scared of the ocean..
      I get that it's not that big but the fact that you don't know how high its gonna get or how far it's gonna go should be reason enough why you should be running for your life….

    3. What a terrible tsunami in Durban i m terefied country has been terrible demaged 😓😓🙄🙄☹☹ people lost they familie s i also feel the pain with you all there God must be with you all Petty Rotterdam

    4. What are these idiots doing on the beach. Why has the beaches nearby roads not been closed off. Someone heard the word tsunami but has no clue what it actually is

    5. This is the first Surge. What's comming is far far bigger than anyone could imagine. Please take this serious. I have seen Durban and all the coastline and the great Tsunami in my vision. Not once, not twice but many many times. Pray people, Pray. The BIG ONE is at your doorstep AND when they come, it will be one after the other. It will rain much and very thick mist will form. Then the Tsunami will come hidden in the MIST. It's not whether you believe or Not. It's about PRAYER. GOD BLESS DURBAN

    6. This Tsunami time we was sitting in My diners Restaurant.😂😂😂 wen we heard tsunami came we run from restourant order was on table 😃😃😃