Cambridge Analytica explains how the Trump campaign worked

Cambridge Analytica explains how the Trump campaign worked
    Molly Schweickert, Vice President Global Media from Cambridge Analytica on "How digital advertising worked for the US 2016 presidential campaign".
    How they used Facebook user data and other sources to target specific users with individual messages for the 2016 Trump election campaign. She is Alexander Nix' digital marketing expert.
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    1. "We used publicly available data in addition to any data that our clients gave to us." – is not a reassuring answer to the question of whether or not privacy laws were violated.

    2. She is so pretty but full of evil thoughts. She admitted that the Trump campaign was just a game that presented interesting challenges. She is the Kasparov of chess. She does not have any ethics at all. All she knew was that the other side of the board is something to be checkmated and that's what matters. I wish she answered the question who she voted for and why. Then I'll marry her because she at least displayed her human side. Had she been born during Hitler's era, she could have been one of his staff developing the strategy on how to decimate the human race that does not qualify as one among the Aryans.

    3. The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a mysterious new data company Shona Ghosh Mar. 21, 2018, 6:05 AM
      • The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a new company — and the daughters of Donald Trump-supporting billionaire Robert Mercer have just joined as directors.
      • Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer joined Emerdata on March 16, but it is shrouded in mystery.
      • Alexander Nix, the suspended CEO of Cambridge Analytica, is also a director, as well as other executives from parent firm SCL Group.
      • Emerdata also lists Johnson Chun Shun Ko, a Chinese executive from Frontier Services Group, the military firm chaired by prominent Trump supporter Erik Prince.
      • Cambridge Analytica is under scrutiny for the role it played in the US election after The Observer revealed the firm had illegitimately hoovered up Facebook user data.

    4. People should delete facebook and start caring more about the data they produce. Starting from not allowing permission to access data on your phone to spend time in tightening the data privacy parameters of your google account

    5. the age of evil AI begins !!! this is where the growth in AI will fuck up humans without them even knowing that it affected them !!! behavioural sciences and AI is a deadly combination for humanity!!!

    6. oooh, very very slick. but you can hear the nervous tension as she weaves a plausible cover-up. sleaze at its elegant best! this is a great tutorial for anyone wishing to join the manipulator class.

    7. I love how she speaks! I don’t think she said ‘uhm’ or ‘uh’ once! I wonder if she memorized this or just did it all on the spot. She is a wonderful speaker! ❤️
      Btw-I do not recall seeing many ads for the campaign, but then again, I do not depend on social media-nor am I on it that often. I think this is going to open the eyes of many Americans! I hope the government continues to hold social media accountable for selling/using our data. Next should be Google and also their monopoly on internet surfing and collecting data.

    8. She sure is a sexy little thing! You see what there doing with the data. It only scratches the surface of how your data is being manipulated.

    9. Welcome to the future, and so much to the privacy thing in Europe …I’m sure she laughed knowing what they did in the Brexit referendum.

    10. Molly makes me want to puke. Not a f'n though about our nation, sane governance, truth, honest or anything civic like that. These cyphers know nothing but avarice and winning no matter what the price or down stream consequences.
      And such pea brains we follow like blind little sheople.

    11. Is Molly evil if she does not see the immorality of her work? Cambridge Analytica could have chosen not to work for the big bucks and instead helped a principled small party like the Greens and Jill Stein, but even that would have been sleazy the way they chose to do the propaganda. instead of repeating what SM did for Obama in aid of the GOP. Scientists throughout history have created powerful tools that can be used to do either good or evil. Many physicists who worked on the Manhattan Project later realized they did not stop to think about how the military would use nuclear power, as opposed to using it for electricity generation. I urge people to go and read Hannah Arendt, (or even just summaries of her work) where she explains the banality of evil. It is apropo here. It is not an excuse to hide behind the claim "I was just doing science". Molly is ethically stupid but mathematically smart. So she is banal in her evil. It is not Facebook the platform which is evil, it is how people are abusing these social media platforms which is evil. People need to think more about what they are doing, and not swallow propaganda so easily. But propaganda has been a cancer on society of hundreds of years, it is nothing new, what is new is how social media amplifies all the false narratives, the truth is also amplified, but drowned out (because for every one truth there are dozens or hundreds of leis and misdirections). So also SmartPhone = non evil. Stupid SmartPhone user = banal evil. People should go and read Arendt's analysis and they will see how to avoid blindly and unthinkingly swallowing mainstream and lunatic fringe news propaganda. It takes is some careful thought, diligence and effort to check facts. It is a great good to hold up a mirror to society, but a great evil to deliberately taint that mirror with false images.

    12. Molly: Great work making Middle America think that a man who was born into a wealthy family and is currently living in a three-story penthouse on top of a luxury building in Manhattan will look after their best interests. And extra special thanks for producing so many great lies about Hillary Clinton and helping them spread around the Internet.

    13. I'm not so sure that the early/absentee votes are legally available in the US. I think she just advertised voter fraud and collusion w/local election officials in the US.