Bruins-Canucks Game 4 Stanley Cup Finals Highlights 6/8/11 1080p HD

Bruins-Canucks Game 4 Stanley Cup Finals Highlights 6/8/11 1080p HD
    Highlights from Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks, on June 8, 2011.
    1st Period
    0:00 Bobby Orr waves a Nathan Horton flag before the start of the game
    0:13 Paille throws a hit on Oreskovich
    0:26 Lucic hits Salo
    0:28 Marchand dangles around Bieska but misses the net
    0:37 Ryder strips Ballard, chances for Krejci and Lucic
    1:05 Peverley scores, 1-0 Bruins
    1:53 Save by Thomas on Ballard
    2:05 Luongo makes a glove save on Lucic
    2:10 Thomas robs Lapierre
    2:23 Ryder hits the post
    2nd Period
    2:41 Thomas makes a save on Torres
    2:50 Ryder scores, 2-0 Bruins
    3:39 Matching minors on Peverley and Alberts
    3:52 Marchand scores 4 on 4, 3-0 Bruins
    5:25 Seidenberg drills Ehrhoff
    5:36 Garden crowd mocks Luongo
    5:45 Thornton hits Bieska
    5:49 Seidenberg hits Burrows
    3rd period
    6:00 Ryder strips Raymond of the puck on a possible breakaway
    6:19 Lucic dangles around Bieksa, passes to Peverley who scores, 4-0 Bruins, Luongo pulled for Schneider
    7:37 "We want the Cup"
    7:48 Bergeron stands up a Canuck
    7:53 Thomas stops Ehrhoff and the rebound
    8:05 Kesler called for slashing McQuaid
    8:09 Thomas stops Higgins on a breakaway
    8:20 "Nathan Horton"
    8:38 Marchand called for holding, lowbridges Daniel Sedin, big scrum breaks out as Ballard drops the gloves and goes after him, McQuaid ends up with Ehrhoff who turtles
    10:36 Thomas goes after Burrows, slashes him after having his stick knocked out of his hands
    12:40 Game over
    13:38 Patrice Bergeron interview

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    1. burroughs bit a guy and turtled to a goalie. he has to be the all time in history of hockey smelly vagina. would anyone want this guy on their team ? i don't care if he scored 80 goals a year. the reason the refs LET the bruins tee off on the canucks is because of burroughs. i am a lifelong Bs fan and i couldn't believe how bad the refs, and the league, let the Bs go , but, burroughs disgraced the league in their showcase, so he was on his own after that. you just don't embarrass the refs and the league and expect to finish the series with your nose where it was a week ago.

    2. 4:11 gets tripped, gets back up, cant play it back of the net. 6:07 this was called a penalty on Vancouver in game 3 that sent Boston to a powerplay for a goal. Then you have the Tim Thomas body check in game 3 which wasn't called. Boston probably still wins but cmon… Thanks Bettman!!!!

    3. Canucks were a specialty team. Bruins were physical brutes. Canucks were out battled in the series and Tim Thomas stood on his head for the bruins. It was sad to see Canucks lose the cup… hopefully our day comes in the future.