ASMR – Dream Meanings – Ear-to-Ear – Soft Spoken

ASMR - Dream Meanings - Ear-to-Ear - Soft Spoken
    Hello everyone, I want to apologise because I felt that I was speeding up my voice near the end of the video. If it comes across this way, it was mainly due to me not feeling well during filming. (I'm fine now :D ), but for that I am sorry. 
    I hope that you find this video both informative and relaxing :) 
    Please use and reverse your headphones for a better overall experience. 
    Triggers included:
    Ear-to-Ear, Soft Spoken.
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    1. My most reoccurring dream is being chased by something terrible and my feet can't get traction. Probably has the same interpretation as losing control of a vehicle.

    2. I found this very interesting and relaxing to hear. I've always been extremely intrigued by "dream psychology" and its hidden meaning within the subconscious. I could definitely relate to a few of these meanings.Thank you for this excellent video. Keep up the great work!

    3. my dreams usually mean I'm just a dirty bugger lol ps I don't get many tingles from you but you have 1 of the most relaxing voices I've ever heard

    4. I dreamed a lot about being naked when I was younger, until I realized I liked being naked. I still to this day dream about teeth being broken or falling out or such, which apparently is super common. Weird!

    5. this is brilliant! I have a question; what microphone is it that you use? and does it connect to a PC? Looking for a new microphone for my radio show and yours is a perfect quality for it

    6. The dreams I remember the most are generally violent, bad dreams where I am hurt, or there is some overwhelming threat from something else. Otherwise, its something really simple, like I'll be playing a card game with friends, and I mess up a guess, or card, and I get punched in the face. 

    7. i don't thing that i dream i can't remember what i have dream't :/
      but when i was about 5-7 year's old i used to dream that i was falling or i dream't that i was running from some thing but one time when i was falling i was flying 😀

    8. Guess mine aren't "common". Floating in an empty black void. Running to catch up to people, and never get closer, infact its like I'm running in slow motion. Punch someone as hard as I can, and its so weak of a connection, it's like I did nothing. There are few more, but those are my frequents. The void one happens the most

    9. I love guns, I love bullets, I love the U.S., I don't watch the B.S. news here, it's all propaganda and I have never had a being shot dream, probably comes from emotionally stunted idiots who only watch the news all day who can't think for themselves so they let the hysteria of the media control their thoughts.

    10. How many times people told you have a lovely voice?? 
      Im not going to tell you that. but either way, good vid.

      I Love your voice!! 

    11. Hey Laura, this was great. The up-close to the microphone ear-to-ear thing works so well. You have a naturally smooth voice which I find so relaxing. This video and the positive affirmation one you did a couple of weeks ago are mesmerising. Thank you so much 🙂

    12. Oh god! When u mentioned dreams about flying I remembered my mum always saying she gets these dreams and i was curious to find out what it could mean… I kinda wish I'd skipped this one

    13. As i always state. Another brilliant video. Calming and actually very interesting and informing! This. Asmr style is amazing or asmring 😀 keep up the good work, current my favourite youtuber! My sleep now natrually contains you (not in a weird way haaa!)