Anti-Vaxxers Flip Off Medical Professionals And Rant About Their Son Being Isolated In ER

Got outrage? This story – yet another example of anti-vax parents acting like jerks and infuriating everybody – is perfectly designed to get your hackles up and despairing at the state of the human race. I mean, what better way to kick off the week than a bit of self-righteous anger?

Most anti-vax parents are decent people that simply want the best for their children. They view themselves as experts when it comes to their own families, and feel better qualified to make decisions about their children’s health than medical professionals.

The current political climate, one that fuels conspiracy and mistrust of science, can only reinforce this belief.

Our response to this crisis has been pretty standard. Name, shame, mock and point fingers. We at Bored Panda do this all the time – hardly a week goes by without a new ‘anti-vax outrage’ post. Parents who choose to reject vaccines risk not only their own families but many others too, so it is all too easy to view them with contempt.

However, this tactic doesn’t appear to be working. Cases of measles are at their highest since 1992 and continue to rise, while the decent, yet misguided people that we smear and attack simply double down in their beliefs.

So we end up with this – a pair of fully-grown adults defiantly flipping the bird at the medical community. When are we going to learn? Taunting, ridicule and outrage are not effective ways of changing people’s minds. On the contrary, it only appears to harden divisions and make people less likely to listen to reason and logic. Want more measles and more Trump? Keep on sneering and mocking.

So go ahead, feel the outrage. Express your derision and despair with these people in the comments, we’ve all done it here a billion times. But also ask yourself why so many people are turning away from accepted science and embracing conspiracy. Perhaps we can find a better, more constructive way to stop this from happening, rather than talking down at people as if they were idiots?

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