All Hallow’s Eve Festival (ASMR)

All Hallow’s Eve Festival (ASMR)
    No Music Version:
    Preparations with Bridgette- 00:00:00 
    Costuming with the Haberdasher- 00:11:00
    The Journey to the Festival- 00:38:55 
    Pumpkin Carving with Maybell- 00:45:41
    Flowers with the Herbologist- 00:56:08 
    Making Bracelets with “Smeeter”- 01:06:16 
    Moon Ceremony with Willow- 01:14:42 
    Announcing Winners with Bridgette- 01:30:57
    Bonfire Chat with Nightshade- 01:40:39
    Encounter with a Ghost (and her dog)- 01:50:37
    Thank you so much to Jamie Bruce who made the map used at 00:08:20
    Music: Folk Round, Pippin the Hunchback, Angevin, Spooky Night, Village Consort, Spooky Waltz, Mystery Bazaar, Myst on the Moor, and The Path of the Goblin King, by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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    1. i’ve tried watching this video about 9 times and i always fall asleep during the Haberdashery part. I wanna know what’s next!!! but!!! sleepy!!!

    2. All the Peter references are all coming together for me now
      Mrs. Pippetwhistle's flowers
      The Hollow's Eve invitation.
      This story line is complex and I love it

    3. I watched the first five minutes of this on Halloween 2018, and it made that day awesome and so festive. Since then I’ve watched a chunk of the video every month so that I’ll be done by Halloween 2019. This is a masterpiece, and it would be THE most amazing thing if you did a sequel on Halloween 2019❤️

    4. Its official.
      You are a merchant, one from a rich family and a big name. Babblebrooke is one of your favorite towns were you bought your beloved dragon and have met many different people. Willow and Nightshade both ask you for things such as ingredients. When a new queen is shown to the throne. It is shown that she is definitely bot fit for the crown, many of the towns people are worried. (its to late for me to think, i wonder if this is anywhere near your thoughts)

    5. You are absolutely fantastic. I based my D&D character off of "Smeeter"–he's a rogue who has forced his friendship on a long-suffering Vampire named Vincent, and the two of them are currently the best thing about my life right now. Thank you for making this video and sharing your creativity with the world!