70 People Who Were Completely Delusional And Funny On Internet Marketplaces

Have you ever wanted to buy a nativity scene that’s badly carved into a potato? Or a jug of cat’s milk? Let’s be realistic, you probably didn’t even know these things exist. But in case you did, we know exactly where to find them – the internet marketplace. There’s just something peculiar about people selling things on the internet and our best bet is that some of them are a little bit delusional. To no one’s surprise, there are 162k people on a subreddit called r/delusionalcraiglist who wholeheartedly agree as they probably have seen it all already.

In this popular subreddit, people share their worst encounters with sellers who wanted to make a quick buck so bad that they probably sold their better judgment to the highest bidder, too. From awkwardly shaped Cheetos to extremely rare air, everything could be yours for a ridiculously high price. Intrigued? Scroll below for the whole list of completely delusional internet marketplace adds!

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#1 No Pets

Image credits: FreakinZiggy

#2 Bring A Chain Saw…

Image credits: boatsnlowes

#3 How Soon Can I Move In?

Image credits: sexretive

#4 Ah Yes, Air..

Image credits: HydeVDL

#5 A Quadruple Peanut!

Image credits: throwaway115935666

#6 Facebook Marketplace Posting!

Image credits: amrob22

#7 The Next Winner Of Last Cake Standing Right Here

Image credits: ImbalancingAct

#8 But It’s Vintage!!

Image credits: EarorForofor

#9 Tinkerbell Or Joan Rivers?

Image credits: AtomicYoshi

#10 Are U Kidding $6!!

Image credits: justborednothingelse

#11 I Honestly Had No Idea How To Respond. Nearly 9 Months Later And They’re Still For Sale (No Surprise)

Image credits: Zena-Xina

#12 My Wife Was Very Excited To Find Something To Share…

Image credits: Sulauk

#13 We Banned Single Use Plastic Bags This Time Last Year

Image credits: 008286

#14 Is There A Hobby Or Something I’m Unaware Of?

Image credits: X-lem

#15 .45 Cheeto

Image credits: Vaincer

#16 What A Steal. Oh Wait…

Image credits: ileat

#17 Found This On The Gram

Image credits: taco360m2

#18 Just Needs A New Screen!

Image credits: imjustboredyouguys

#19 Crocodeal Or No Deal

Image credits: tacosforeveryjuan

#20 For Those That Are Already Planning Christmas Decorations…the Price Is Actually Pretty Fair!

Image credits: haynate14

#21 Hmm..

Image credits: thefugginhanz

#22 Uhhhhhhhh

Image credits: Unknown

#23 Might Not Be Delusional, He Might Know Exactly What He’s Doing

Image credits: Raseri_

#24 #supportblackbusinesses

Image credits: BeeCutt

#25 May The Rain Wash The Warts Away

Image credits: custardnom

#26 Burritos For Sale..

Image credits: gorcbor19

#27 Let’s Sell This Dress For More Than I Paid, Or Better Yet Rent It For That Price!

Image credits: PapaKeeber

#28 By This Logic You Could Sell Anything

Image credits: bunnycrusher

#29 “Perfect Condition”

Image credits: DiscordianFnordette

#30 These Oreos You Can Get At The Drugstore For $5

Image credits: aura_you_awake

#31 Stop Selling The Random Crap Your Kids Make

Image credits: shnclark

#32 $100 For A Rusty Washer Drum On A Chair Swivel. At Least Delivery Is Free

Image credits: jungleismassiv3

#33 Um Okay..?

Image credits: mariahksmith

#34 Empty Tequila Bottles For Sale

Image credits: curious_kitten00

#35 Left Or Right

Image credits: cavemans11

#36 To Go With The Collection Of Random Lids In Your Own Kitchen Drawer

Image credits: Stella-Moon

#37 $1. Zipper Still Works

Image credits: CryptoIsaac

#38 Wants $400 For You To Pick And Haul Rocks

Image credits: pac-sam

#39 That Price Better Include 101 Actual Dalmatians

Image credits: carlyhasdogs

#40 Bless Up

Image credits: olivewyatt

#41 Whata Deal

Image credits: banging-in-fours

#42 “He Just Finished A Harry Potter Drawing.”

Image credits: sidshembekar

#43 Ran Into One In The Wild. 5k For Rusted Truck

Image credits: Quigglypoo

#44 Sounds Like A Healthy Friendship

Image credits: JohnSherlockHolmes

#45 Jason Stathom Cheetah

Image credits: jkon731

#46 Just Discovering This Sub. I Have So Many To Share. This Is My Fave

Image credits: PilsbandyDoughboy

#47 Do You Think It Looks Like Yoda? I Don’t See It

Image credits: mehhx3

#48 Kyle Is Flexing His Monster Collection

Image credits: ColbyLholland

#49 800 Dollars For A Used Cap Gun…

Image credits: sna1l

#50 More Than Retail Price For My Custom “Bathroom Stall Art” Xbox One

Image credits: UnLeadedApe

#51 Goodwill Has It For Sale For $4

Image credits: cavemans11

#52 Hmmm, Seems Like A Good Deal????

Image credits: subiequeen94

#53 Genuine And Authentic!

Image credits: kirillium439

#54 A 2 Second Google Found That This Penny Is Worth An Average Of .35 Cents. Even In Certified, Top Quality Mint Condition It’s Estimated At $75. I Really Want To Forward This Information On To The Seller…

Image credits: RealHausFrau

#55 Yeet

Image credits: d4bs

#56 Why Buy A Switch When You Could Just Buy This Used Wii

Image credits: Graardors-Dad

#57 It’s Just A Can Of Pepsi.

Image credits: z0mbiemechanic

#58 The Next Craze In Take-Out Meals!

Image credits: remog

#59 I Buy And Sell Pokémon Cards As A Hobby And Secondary Income. The Number Of People Who Think Their Kids Old Shit It Worth Bread Is Astounding

Image credits: Gengardian311

#60 How About You Pay Me $50 To Haul Your Trash Away?

Image credits: rbfpr1ncexx

#61 8k For An Exploded Sti? What A Bargain

Image credits: sir_shmool

#62 Only $300 For A Box Fan And A Tote Full Of Ice

Image credits: RickSanchez2020

#63 $90 For Mcdonald’s Dipping Sauce (Marked Down From $100)

Image credits: Nolimitsolja

#64 Would You Also Like Your Grass Cut And Car Washed While I’m There?

Image credits: Howie_Dictor

#65 Hey Google: Put Out My Cigarette

Image credits: HoldinWeight

#66 Seems Legit…

Image credits: racemanspiff

#67 “Limited Edition” Captain Marvel Happy Meal Toy For Only $25

Image credits: dandelion_lemonade

#68 In Ok Condition

Image credits: spcfnk

#69 Delusional Ebay. These Typically Don’t Sell For Much Over $20k

Image credits: ClumsyGamer2802

#70 Thank God Shipping Is Available

Image credits: zazu13

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