57 Awesome Halloween Decorations That Are Sure To Make Your Neighbors Do A Double Take

Halloween can be expressed as a mathematical equation. Much like the Powerpuff Girls, Halloween is made up of three parts (plus an accidentally-added extra ingredient to the concoction — Chemical X). First, there are the costumes — not much of a holiday without pretending to be courageous heroes and nefarious villains! Next, of course, there’s the candy. Delicious. Sweet. Deliciously sweet. Finally, there are the spooky decorations, without which Halloween would be just another cosplay party where we binge on chocolate.

In the final rush towards Halloween, Bored Panda brings you the most creative, the most original, the very best decorations to show you how some people go all-out for the scariest of nights! Upvote your fave decorations and share the link with your friends and family for some inspiration that doesn’t revolve around carving pumpkins into Jack-o’-lanterns.

Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with the foremost expert on Halloween on Earth, author Lesley Bannatyne. We talked to her about the meaning of Halloween and how it can be as much about silliness and having fun as it is about seriousness and darkness.

#1 This Full-Sized Dragon Decoration Someone Put On Their House For Halloween

Image credits: schwandt

#2 I Made This For Halloween

Image credits: spongejr12

#3 DIY Halloween Decorations

Image credits: MapleGlazedMoose

Successful decorations are those that make you stop in your tracks and do a double take. Whether it’s a giant dragon, a massive guillotine, or a ‘body’ trapped underneath a garage door, we can’t help ourselves being fascinated by what’s gory and unexpected. We just wish we thought of some of these ourselves.

Bored Panda talked to Halloween expert Bannatyne about what her interpretation of the holiday is: whether it’s gritty and dark owing to its history, or something else entirely.

“Halloween’s never been dark for me. If anything, Halloween has always brought a little light to the darkness,” Bannatyne proclaimed.

#4 My Local Bar Dressed Up For Halloween

Image credits: creatureofchaos

#5 My Neighbor’s Only Halloween Decoration

Image credits: FinishedTitan

#6 Scary Homemade Halloween Decorations

Image credits: Allypent

“We impersonate the things we’re scared of or try to meet them face to face in a haunted attraction or cornfield. I heard Joe Hill once talk about his horror writing, saying: ‘You kick the darkness until it bleeds light.’ That’s how I think of Halloween,” she explained.

#7 Homemade Halloween Witch Decoration

Image credits: hunterschmidt0455772

#8 First Halloween In Our New Home! Sorry, Neighbors, We’re That House

Image credits: CaseByCase

#9 Great Decoration For Dia De Muertos In México

Image credits: apolion44

Bannatyne went into detail about the essence of what Halloween is all about: “At its core, Halloween was a warning.

“Two thousand years ago, people in northwestern Europe gathered together, brought their animals to shelter, and prepared for the deathly, dangerous season of cold and dark.

“Today, in parts of the country [the United States] that have a cold season, Halloween’s the last outdoor hurrah, a big blast of fun, like opening the fireplugs one last time before we go back inside and wait for spring.”

#10 IT Department’s Decoration

Image credits: slibberden

#11 Part Of The Halloween Display My Wife And Kids Put Together

Image credits: Dilligaf_Bazinga

#12 A Restaurant In My Town Dressed Up For Halloween Ghost Busters Style

Image credits: denrae-

#13 Simple, But Effective

Image credits: jbpawlak

#14 Made This For Our Yard

Image credits: flimflamwhizbang

#15 She Wins Halloween

Image credits: djeclipz

#16 Mr. Stark, I Don’t Feel So Good…

Image credits: RobertDowneyJr

#17 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decoration

Image credits: WhatsRightWhatsLeft

#18 My Wife Decided To Dress Up Her House Plants For Halloween. We Now Have A Haunted Forrest In Our Living Room 

Image credits: egzo

#19 House Set Up In My Neighborhood

Image credits: chaos_ensued

#20 Woke Up This Morning To 6 Cops, A Fire Truck, And An Ambulance At My Door Because A Passing Car Was Concerned About The One Halloween Decoration I Neglected To Take Down

Image credits: MahatmaBlondhi

#21 Our Neighborhood Really Loves Halloween

Image credits: chocolate_babies

#22 Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

Image credits: Whoshabooboo

#23 My Friend’s Decorations To Celebrate Halloween And The 50th Anniversary Of The Beatle’s “Abbey Road” Album

Image credits: JLamb56

#24 Saw This At My Neighbor’s House This Morning

Image credits: Dougie Gray

#25 We Decorated The Truck For Halloween

Image credits: dt_jenny

#26 I Think My Neighbor Won The Halloween Decor Contests Even Though There Wasn’t One

Image credits: mzol14

#27 Found This House While Driving Around Looking At Halloween Decorations

Image credits: darth_melodious

#28 I Woke Up To An Amazon Package Being Delivered And The Delivery Woman Decided To Have Some Fun With My Halloween Decoration On My Front Porch

Image credits: MrBrainwashed

#29 Turned This Free Statue From A Flea Market Into My New Halloween Decoration

Image credits: Florixia

#30 This Halloween Decor At My Wal-Mart

Image credits: lemmeseeyourkitties

#31 I Don’t Think The Uber Riders Will Find My Halloween Decoration As Funny As I Do

Image credits: blahblahblah1992

#32 Deadly Halloween Tableau Too Realistic For Some. Neighbours Called 911

Image credits: ersal

#33 My Only Halloween Decorations This Year

Image credits: Lejundary

#34 Our Office Party Planning Committee May Have Gone A Bit Overboard This Year

Image credits: steelerchief

#35 This Train My Neighbor Is Building Out Of Used Plastic Bottles For Halloween

Image credits: adrianalemur

#36 My Co-Worker Hasn’t Been In The Office Because He Works From Home. So I Decided To Decorate His Cubicle

Image credits: mystic848

#37 Halloween Decoration In The Cafeteria At Work

Image credits: Kloverguy

#38 My Wife Said I Could Decorate The Guest Bathroom As My Own. Multiple Screams Have Ensued

Image credits: ChefCthulhu

#39 My Wife Got A New Halloween Decoration

Image credits: Scubazz

#40 Halloween Decorations On A Building, Sunderland, UK

Image credits: totallymintlike

#41 City Of Manchester Celebrating Halloween With Large Inflatable Monsters On Buildings

Image credits: fatboyslick

#42 Zombie Horse

Image credits: Alexahadid

#43 Newest Halloween Decoration

Image credits: Blueb3

#44 The Neighbor’s Halloween Decor Is A Little Too Spooky

Image credits: sarah

#45 Blursed Decor

Image credits: intel_core_i5_2400

#46 My Mom’s Spooktober Yard Decor

Image credits: yyooiinnkk

#47 Thanos Fighting Spider-Man And Iron Man Halloween Decoration

Image credits: donmogsley

#48 You Know It’s Halloween In New York When People Cover Their Apartments In Giant Spiderwebs

Image credits: amypearson_

#49 I Drive Past This Everyday

Image credits: too_old_4_this_crap

#50 Circus Themed Halloween

Image credits: ragingheadache

#51 If You Are In Franklin, Swing By And See Our Neighborhood Watch

A few years back, some of our sweet neighbors in Westhaven got together to do a craft project, and ever since, it has been a favorite tradition of ours to display the “Eyes on Fitzgerald.”

Image credits: evinphotography

#52 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decorations

Image credits: wallflower_willow

#53 We Made A DIY Myers Dummy Using My Costume From Last Year, Some Pvc Pipe, And Some Reusable Shopping Bags For Stuffing

Image credits: mbiggz-gaming

#54 My Kids And I Made Castle Byers For Halloween Last Year. We Made Some Changes

Image credits: campbell976

#55 Halloween Garden Decoration

Image credits: thewinwingarden

#56 Stepping Up Our Spooky Game This Year

Image credits: NachoDog

#57 What I Did Today: Tape Ghosts! Not The Best And Still Need To Add Lights But Getting There

Image credits: PeekaBoo912

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