400k football fields worth of opium in Afghanistan, despite US cash injections

400k football fields worth of opium in Afghanistan, despite US cash injections
    Amid the dire situation in Afghanistan, the main US government organisation in charge of rebuilding the country has sent out a strong message to Washington. It says America has failed in multiple ways...
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    1. Trust me you legalize, tax and regulate opium production and I assure you that things will start to become more regulated and this will take away from the danger associated with this profession.

    2. Afghanistan is near Russian border. Why America should stop producing heroin? because the stuff goes to Russia, not to USA. And also it's a nice way to make money.

    3. You guys realise CIA was created using drug money right?

      "War on Drugs" is just to get military and economic/logistics foothold in South America.


    4. I didn't think it was RT's job to propagate usa propaganda bullshit – Trying their best to stem opium production… you're having a laugh incha ?

    5. The USA army is the main purchaser and transporter of processed opium in to Heroine.  The USA eliminated the Taliban, that had it controlled to a very small % of world production.
      Today Afghanistan produces over 90% of the world Opium, Colombia and Mexico had also a very large production, all 3 countries had Military tight to the USA.
      The USA is the largest consumer of Heroine, and the USA militaries brings it in, in their on uninspected Plaines.

    6. Exactly, how does one ''try to stem the flow of drugs from out of Afghanistan'' while at the same time sending US troops to guard the poppy fields in order to ''win the hearts and minds'' of the Afghans?

    7. The great 'American democracy' at its finest. But one thing that still troubles me is the Ukraine issue…How the hell did the Ukrainians fall for it?

    8. wherever the Americans go, terrorists or the drugs trade (or both) seem to flourish. hmm, funny that. The CIA even flooded their own black neighbourhoods with crack cocaine in the 80s. Truly their evil knows no bounds.

    9. Opium is a "dry" crop.  Most of the south and southwest is very dry.  So opium is a "ideal" crop.  Gee, weren't the Sassoons (jews) the ones who pushed opium on the Chinese??  Opium Wars ring a bell?

    10. So our government that is capable of knowing where each and everyone of us are and has physical logs of all of our information  including our conversations, e-mail, and messaging can't seem to stem the tide of opium growth in a country we occupy. Add that to the fact the Heroin use has become rampant even moving into middle and upper class neighborhoods. I guess we are supposed to forget about things like the Mena airport CIA drug drops, The Iran-Contra, and other smaller lesser known incidences where our government was caught running drugs and just and just believe that big brother is doing the right thing. These are just coincidences right? Never mind the logistics of moving that much product around, while we get patted down like criminals and subjected to X-Rays just to go home for Thanksgiving somehow tons of Heroin has moved into our country under the "watchful eye" of our.benevolent government. Speaking of that it seems they love to announce their big drug busts. I see stuff about drugs coming across the boarder but never drugs intercepted from Afghanistan, how interesting, I'm sure its just another coincidence.